Self Publishing for artists and techies

I’m the type of person who always has a handful of ongoing projects at the same time. I’m always interested in tips about making these projects pay for themselves.

I came upon some great links thanks to Steph and just had to share.

Daniel over at SteamCrow publishing has self published 2 books and has a popular CafePress store. He wrote interesting articles including How to make money with CafePress and More Self-Publishing Advice. He has loads more advise, just be sure to browse around his site.


For tech minded people out there who want to get in the indie game business or just make games for fun, there are some great resources too. IGDA stands for International Game Developers Association. You can pay to be part of it but a great many whitepapers and articles are free as are the forums.

Gamedev is more about learning how games are made even if it has a small section about business. is mostly about publishing, selling, promoting your game, for when you already know how games are made and you want the money to start coming in.


While I’m at it, I might as well promote MY OWN Cafepress stores:


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