How to survive & prosper as an artist

I saw this book highly recommended by painter Dave Palumbo. The complete name is How to survive & proper as an artist 5th edition- Selling yourself without selling your soul by Caroll Michels.

How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist : Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul..I quickly ordered it from Amazon. 220 of the 370 pages of the book is actually ‘content’ with the rest being annexes with hundreds of links, addresses and resources.

Mrs.Michels has been as commercially successful sculptor before becoming an artist counselor. In this book she talks about the business side of being a fine artist. Not the art itself, but how do deal with galleries, how to market yourself, how to price your work, how to plan your career. This is the kind of book that every beginning (or even advanced!) artist looking to sell work should read. I, for one, am intimidated by art galleries and other high brow art places. Now I see that I shouldn’t be, I do something many gallery dealers CAN’T do, I can do art.

Caroll Michels also has a website with many of the resources available there:


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