Is blogging good for you?

I saw a thread on called How popular is your blog? It made me wonder at something, what is people’s goal for blogging and do they reach this goal?

I was not very fast to jump on the blogging bandwagon (heck, this is my 9th post) because I thought bloggers were a bit egocentric to think everyone cares about what they think. Then I discovered some bloggers who shared knowledgeand experience they have and didn’t just chat about their dogs or their neighbors. That changed my view of blogging. It’s just a non-formal way to share information.

So my goals for blogging are:

  • Getting traffic up
  • Getting credibility up (show that I know what i’m talking about)
  • Use that traffic and credibility to get work
  • Share stuff I know and help people out, it’s not me against the world
  • Meet new interesting people

So far I’m not sure how it’s doing, I haven’t had any feedback on my posts and I haven’t had any luck getting work. I’m not hoping for miracles and I’m still adding stuff to my portfolio……………..

Who ever said videogames were not art?

So this fall I worked on 2 flash games , doing the art, for Comedy central with programmer Presley ( as it happens, Presley is a Parsons Alumni and they are having an exhibit of alumni and faculty of Parsons at the Chelsea Art Museum in Chelsea NY. Presley submited one of the games we worked on and it got accepted! So our game will be on display in an art museum in April.

So videogames are art. That’s it.

How cool is that?


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