New game-new site-new season

New Site

A lot going on lately, I updated the official website, is now more compact, with more exemples of work and less useless pages. I have an entirely new section that resumes the games I have worked on so far. I have to thank the folks at who gave me very good crits and advices. Who better than game developpers to know what they are looking for in a game artist’s portfolio.

I still have a bit of a CSS problem, while it shows up great in MSIE and Opera, the column alignment is out of whack in Firefox. I have to figure it out. Differences between browsers suck.

New Game

I started serious work on a little project Presley and me were thinking about for a while but were failing to initiate. It’s a snail racing game in Flash, I’ll post some progress over here. I’m handling the graphics and Presley is doing the coding. We have to think about music but have no idea what kind of music we want for it. We are aiming at a playable demo in 3 weeks. We’re nuts.

New Season

It smells like spring here! The snow has started melting, the prozen dog poop is emerging and the maple sirup season is beginning. Weee!


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