Art and Audio assets portal?

AvatarHere is the premise: Lots of indie, casual or hobby developers are struggling to acquire decent artwork. Free artwork isn’t always up to par, artists willing to work on project for free are scarce and art resources can be expensive if no clear revenue stream is fore-casted for the project. I have been interested in selling pre-made art for a while but when ArtPakz came along I thought the market was saturated. Not so! I have seen a lot of interest in ArtPakz products but not much updates on this side, besides, there are a lot of developers who have not been reached yet and many artists with different styles and skills who can contribute.

Here is the plan: A portal where artists can publish packaged pre-made graphical 2D game assets, like a map pack, a sprite pack, tile packs, or themed pack like, all the art needed to make a XYZ game. Later I would add the possibility of audio assets. I’d rather not have to handle the business/publishing side of the thing and concentrate on making the art, but if no one else is doing it, I guess I’ll have to dive in and handle everything. It should also have an affiliate program and the rights to be transferred would be (just thinking out loud): All rights for use inside a video game, which could be released commercially, and for direct  promotion of the game (ads, banners, website) but not for website or ads not related to the game, or for merchandising or other uses. When the license to the art is bought, the name of the game is specified and you buy the rights to use the art in that one finished product, you can use it as placeholders in as many prototypes as you want.

I need to work on a business plan/ market study to see if this is feasible or desirable. Which is why I’m testing the water by posting the idea in public and trying to get feedback.

The key is that it’s 2D, there already are portals like that for models and 3D assets. GarageGames and TurboSquid don’t seem so interested in 2D. I might be mistaken but as far as I know, not one focuses on 2D assets and maybe on casual/indie friendly sound assets (not sure about the audio part.)

So I want to hear it from devs and artists, are you interested in a product like that?


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