Strange behavior

S Barber
I decided to take a bit of this summer off from freelancing and use this time to:

  • Get in shape (I know round is a shape, but you get my meaning.)
  • Get more academic type art study time to actually improve my drawing and painting skills.
  • Get started on the CGChallenge Strange Behavior.

So on these fronts, I got a bicycle and actually enjoy riding it. I got some great art books and Massive Black dvd’s and already got started on these.I have to say that Shawn Barber (The artist who did the image on top) has made a very awesome job on his dvd, here is a preview and a store link. I also got Voltaire’s permission to use one of his songs as soundtrack to my challenge animation, I got started on a storyboard and some character designs and I’m toiling away on a SketchUp mock up of my stage.

It feels strange not to be constantly on the look ou for contracts so that makes for more strange behavior!


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