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Illustration class header
I’m not sure how I came upon that site but it’s really great for someone like me who has no formal education in graphic design. It’s full of small tutorials, ideas and exercises. Topics range from use of textures to make an image look vintage to how to avoid visual tension in a composition. The lessons are downloadable as zips, usually with text and images  to follow the steps. It would be easier if the lessons were online (maybe as blog pages) but there has to be a reason why it’s set up that way.

I have downloaded them and flip through the different lessons during down times, it inspires me to work differently since we all get stucked in our confort zones every now and then.

I just wish there was more about typography! Good info about that is hard to come by, make that my special request!


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  1. Vonster

    If you search on the ‘’ site for ‘Lettering’ you’ll find a few tutorials about custom hand lettering typography.

    Strick type is more of a design thing rather then illustrative.

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