Dr Sketchy!

dr sketchy

Ever been to a life drawing session? How exciting was it? About as much as having your winter tires installed? Actually I’m exagerating, because I quite enjoy life drawing, it’s just that the atmosphere is often a bit stiff and I don’t usually feel like I fit in the crowd.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is the remedy to that! Started by a lady called Molly Crabapple, it’s a mix of life drawing and party. Basically, you head in a pub or other public venue, pay your fee and then draw away cabaret girls, drag queens, and many other colorful characters while drinking beer and participating in draws and contests. It’s not very serious and no one looks at you funny if you can’t draw worth crap.

The first and oroginal chapter is in NYC but there are now many other independant locations of Dr Sketchy, we are now lucky enough to have our very own Dr.Sketchy Montreal, be sure to visit!


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