MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit) part 2

This is the part 2 of this post.

Chris Hecker’s Keynote about Structure vs Style was just dizzying, watching this guy elaborate on his theories makes my head spin. The result is something quite high level and conceptual not necessarily easy to apply to real problems, but they are something to consider and something a more academic approach to games will have to tackle at some point. Basically, according to Chris, the single most influencial achievement in video games is the textured triangle, because it allows us to create highly immersive environments. He then proceeds to describe how the triangle forms the structure and the texture is the style. His current theory is that style vs structure are the real basis of the way games and their content can be analysed and deconstructed.

More from Gamasutra

Darius Kazemi’s talk was titled:”Gameplay metrics for a better future.” The guy is a data analyst who’s main focus is MMO data. However, he was here presenting uses for game metrics collection and analysis for non MMO’s, for the first time. He explained his methodology which basically goes like this:

  1. What is the question that you need to answer?
  2. What kind of report do you need?
  3. What metrics can we collect to answer the question?
  4. Implement the collection and do the analysis.

For exemple (this is an exemple he illustrated with screengrabs and charts,) you want to know why your players quick save so much, so you want a map of where the players die, where they reload and where they die. You want it visible in the map editor so you can see the triggers and geometry in conjunction with the collected metrics. Then you implement the whole thing and see if it helps you. We were shown very cool grabs of shooter maps regarding where players dies, where campers hang out and the relationship between the two.
More on Darius’ blog

MIGS photo gallery.

Jason Della Rocca’s coverage of MIGS


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