Creating The Perfect Portfolio

Every once in a while I stumble on an article that matches my view so closely that I wish I had written it. Well it just happened again. Creating The Perfect Portfolio basically takes a lot of what I have experienced and puts it in an easily digestible format for all of you looking to get a creative job or to start out as a freelancer.



  1. njandrews

    Yeah wish i could get into the business, since i majored in Computer Animation. The problem is that i haven’t gotten started getting a website and all that, it feels like i don’t have enough material to even get started. Sure i have a Demo Reel and one or two pieces of traditional art, but thats about it. Guess i need to read this Article a little more, how did you get started?

  2. qitsune

    Well, I got hired right out of animation school into a small edutainment company. But I had been freelancing as a translator/web designer/copywriter prior to animation school. So when the edutainment company closed, freelancing came quite naturally.

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