A lead for freelance visual artists

A lead for freelance visual artists

I have recently been researching companies that handle print-on-demand for books. Places like Lulu, Createspace, YouPublish. I had never thought of researching writers who were using self-publishing or using vanity press as a source for freelance work. But there they were! Writers actively looking for someone to make their book covers a success. And the artists who are faster than me and are already cathering to these writers’ pictorial needs.

One such artist is  Natalie Coulam (http://www.nataliecoulam.com/ .) Her site is all Flash which is not something I am very fond of, but I think it contains everything she needs to convince authors to trust her with their book visuals. The only thing I’d add would be a small bio.

Some POD sites, like Lulu, have a forum section. You can also scour writing and poetry forums offering your services. Remember to be polite and not to spam.

I have done that discovery recently and I have not had time yet to try and tap the self-publishing and vanity-press market. I’m just mentionning it as a lead to potential customers. Maybe if some of you have experience dealing with that market, you could let us know, that would be greatly appreciated!


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