Harness your cognitive surplus

Some months ago, I came upon an article by Clay Shirky called Gin, Television, and Social Surplus. Today I stumbled upon my bookmark and read it again.

Basically the point is that for many years, the additional leisure time allowed by technology (faster house chores, fewer work hours, more readymade products) has been swallowed whole by television and other passive entertainment and only recently with the rising popularity of the internet and user-generated content did our lost brainpower get harnessed again.  The quantitive data in that article is astounding, if americans decided to create content instead of watching tv, they could create the equivalent of 2000 wikipedias worth of content! Every year!

So weither you want to pick up drawing, start a blog or a sideline business, don’t let your brainpower go to waste, turn off your tv and get started!


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