Jon Schindehette and his new Art Order

Jon Schindehette's picture, taken from his blog profile.

Well, it’s not exactly new. It looks like it has been going on since August 2008.  Jon Schindehette is a senior art director at Wizards of the Coast and he’s working on the AD&D product line.

His Art Order blog started small but now it’s updated almost everyday. You have art contests that sometimes lead to commisions from WotC, and always lead to your work being seen by a bunch of art directors at a bunch of companies. That’s not something to be taken lightly for a free opportunity.  There’s also artist spotlights and lots of samples of art that Jon receives regularly.

But the real incentive for me to hang there is for all kinds of advice.  How to market yourself, how to present your portfolio, how to handle commissions. After all , I’m happily employed in the videogame industry but I hope to be able one day to get illustration commissions. So I’m following his blog regularly. And I’m painting too!


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