Le Moulin à Images


This is the second year for the Moulin à Images (Image Mill) in Quebec City. The Moulin à Image was produced by Robert Lepage and his company Ex Machina to celebrate Quebec City’s 400th anniversary. It consists on projections and special effects on a range of grain silos 30m high and 600m long, making it the biggest projection ever (a Guiness record.)

This year, the second year of the Moulin, 20% of the content was changed. Some companies outside of Ex Machina were asked to produce a part of the new content. Ubisoft was given a 40 seconds segment to do on how videogame companies helped the rebirth of the St-Roch neighborhood. I was asked to create storyboards and help produce the animatics that were then presented to Ex Machina. That’s my first official storyboarding credits. Of course, there have been much changes since and many many others have spent more time than me working on the project. I’m still happy how it turned out. Oh, and I got the shirt to prove it!


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