Whoever said that pixel art is dead?


Recently, a former client contacted me for a pixel art job. Unfortunately, I am under a non-compete clause so I can’t take videogame gigs outside of my day-job. Then I switched project at work, going to help on a yet unannonced DS title and what do I do? Pixel art animation! Yep. Pixel art is alive and well, it can be seen on DS titles, on mobile, on flash games and on Iphone. Many of these platforms can support 3d or at least full colors and sometimes alpha channels but pixel art is often the most efficient way to take advantage of small screen real estate and super small pixel art usually looks better than super low-res 3d. It’s also more precise and very useful for tiny huds.

And you know what, not too many people can do good pixel art, schools churn out 3d people, not pixel artists. I think I can count competant pixel artists at my day-job on the fingers of one hand.  And while there certainly is less glamour in doing pixel art for the DS than there is doing high res stuff for next gen, it’s still good videogame work. I personally, I like it better than 3d…



  1. Deasy

    I’ve recently had to do some pixel art for commission. I’ve never done pixel art before but I took on the challenge, and found it was quite a fun style to draw. Made me appreciate the pixel art.

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