A bit of news & another change of direction


Some of you might remember that when I started this blog, I was a freelancer in the field of videogame art. I was trying to build a regular client base but before I reached a point where my client list was really full, I got offered a job at Ubisoft’s Quebec city studio. Since I am contractually prevented from pursuing freelance work in the videogame industry, I kept busy with moving, painting and discovering my new city and workplace.

I took a while but I have decided on a new artistic goal. I want to build a portfolio of black and white illustration to try and get freelance work in the rpg publishing industry, starting with the spot illustrations found inside books. So while I still have plenty of stuff to say about the videogame industry (it’s my dayjob after all!) I’ll also keep you posted on my progress finding work in the rpg field.

My first goal for my portfolio is to make:

  • 2 vampire pieces, White Wolf style
  • 2 asian medieval pieces, Exalted style
  • 2 D&D type fantasy pieces.

Preferably with lots of action going on, and maybe a few mood pieces for variety.

I think I also figured out how to allow you to suscribe to my RSS feed! Let’s try this.
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