The Drawing Club

I have been requesting more art-related training at work for almost as long as I have been working there. I found that training for artists usually related to software, technical stuff and rarely to art skills themselves. Everyone agreed with me but no one knew how to fix that. They always asked me for suggestions of art related training.

Well, I think we have found something. I started a drawing club, which is basically open to everyone, and not just artists. We have designers, animators, technical writers, programmers who attend and more. And it’s not very resource intensive. I cajole an illustrator into giving a talk every few months, we have a small network drive for resources and a mailing list and I present an art instruction video during lunch time aproximately every 2 weeks. And we’re planning on drawing outdoors now that the weather is better.

Now, we’re not really an exceptional studio on that regard, but people still regularly tell me how much they are learning and they seem to be enjoying the club. So I’m happy to take care of it.

I’m also open to suggestions of cheap, easy to maintain activities for a club like that. Anyone?


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