Art we see on Magic cards.

I’m still trying to write my post about IMC but things are getting fuzzy and the file is getting to be very long and not super coherent. In the meantime, here are some links that might be of interest for those interested to get into card art.

The big deal about little pictures by Matt Cavotta. Pretty much the bible of card art, lots of do’s and don’t’s, a must read.

Who Is This Unsung Hero another one by Matt Cavotta.  This one is more about the process of creating a card.

Art Appreciation: Jeremy Jarvis this one is an interview with Jeremy Jarvis who was a guest faculty at the IMC. It’s funny that I had read this article and bookmarked it a while before the IMC, but forgotten the name of the artist. I only noticed it was Jeremy some weeks after coming back.  Duh. But I figure if you are interested in Magic art, you could do worse than read the thoughts of the AD, right?


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