I have friends with podcasts

As some of you might know, I spent the last few days in the scenic (but very small and far) town of Altoona, PA. I was there to be part of the 3rd edition of Illuxcon and I had the chance to mingle, chat and see lectures by some of the best fantasy/sci-fi illustrators alive.

Some of the people I got to hang out with happen to be part of collective blogs that have their own art podcasts.

I got to hang out with Christine Mitzuk, Allen Douglas and Sam Kennedy of Drawn Today. Drawn today is a blog all about drawing everyday.  It’s formed of amateurs and young professionals and the podcast covers a lot of basics. I found the episodes about IMC especially useful, to know what I was in for.

Allen Douglas & Chantal Fournier at the showcase

Allen Douglas & Chantal Fournier (me) at the showcase

I also had the pleasure to spend time and mangle the english language in the company of Drew Baker and Jeremy McHugh of Ninja Mountain. I also met Prof Herbert who is part of episode 59, and I met Ralph Horsley briefly who is a regular contributor! I already knew Drew from last year’s IMC but the others are brand new friends. Ninja mountain is the home of a bunch of working professional illustrator who have been podcasting for a while, the last episode is 85. They talk about everything from tools to Jon Schindehette (who seems to be their favorite subject) and are not afraid to put their necks on the line in the name of podcasting.

Jeremy McHugh at the showcase

Jeremy McHugh at the showcase, he is not that blurry in real life.

And I can’t finish this post without a pic of some of the sweet books and prints I got there.

art books

Clockwise from top, Todd Lockwood print, books by Daren Bader, Steve Prescott and Donato Giancola



  1. Jeremy McHugh

    Hey Chantal!
    It was awesome meeting you and seeing your work at the con.
    I’m glad we could hang out. 🙂
    Illuxcon had a big impact on me this year, not least of which was meeting so many new friends.

    Keep up the hard work!

    BTW, folks. I really AM that blurry. It’s a condition…

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