Wallpaper and color and light.

This was going to be my 100th post, but I just removed an old outdated post that still got a lot of hits and didn’t make sense anymore. Oh well, next time!

I got my copy of Color and Light  by James Gurney a few days ago (somehow Amazon shipped it before it was officially out, so I got it before James himself started sending them out!) Since everyone and their dog has written a review and I only had time to read a few pages, I’ll just link to James’ blog and his list of reviews. This is a beautiful book however. Probably the most awaited art instruction book of the decade. Get it.

I also put some wallpapers of my White Cleric piece on my website, in many different sizes, even iPhone size!  There even are versions with December 2010 calendars on them! Like little holiday presents for your computer! Get them, share them, spam your friends with them! Here


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