2011, A new beginning

Here’s the mandatory New Year post, along with my mandatory resolutions for 2011. Actually, I wasn’t going to take resolutions at all, I don’t really believe it works most of the time.

But then I saw the WordPress had a PostADay/PostAWeek campaign. Posting everyday is not really reasonable for me as I struggle in juggling the day job, illustration, PR and social life. Posting every week on the other hand, would be a nice part of the PR thing. I just need to cut back on Facebook a little.

I even have some ideas ready: some little Photoshop tutorials and some book reviews (I just got the Maxfield Parrish book edited by Jeff Menges, so expect a review of that soon!) But my next post is going to be a retrospective of 2010. There, you have been warned.

Promotional image I turned into cards a few years ago. Photoshop

Regarding new beginnings, I just formated my computer, it’s been acting up for a while and it hadn’t been formated in 5 years! I also lost all my bookmarks and archived e-mails because I bungled my back ups, but my art is safe! That’s what I call starting fresh, even if I would have preferred to not lose stuff.

I also want to take this occasion to wish you all a great 2011! I hope you are going to learn a lot, and get plenty of work (leave some for me!) Also, if you have a retrospective of 2010 post on your blog, feel free to post it in the comments, I’ll add the link to my next post!

Edit: I got my e-mails back after a lot of swearing and fiddling and getting rid of Eudora in favor of Thunderbird, thank you Mozy!


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