I have friends with blogs – part 4

I met  many cool artists at Illuxcon. The subjects of today’s post I met more precisely, at le Bistro cafe where a bunch of us had an impromptu dinner together on Friday night.

Chelsea Conlin has her own blog where she posts all kinds of cool sketches and studies. However she is also involved with the iloverescueanimals.org site where she handles a regular column, Shelter sketches. She features an animal looking for a home in a sketch on a regular basis. Great promotion and great cause!

Meli Hitchcock has a blog here, and she paints very happy wolves! She also has a piece with nuns and demons that was thoroughly critiqued on Ninja Mountain.

Beth Trott doesn’t look like she has a blog, or if she does, it doesn’t seem to be linked anywhere. I don’t know which is worse. But she has a website with lovely watercolor work.

So far, it looks like happy animals were the theme of the dinner! But then Matt Sullivan who was sitting at the next table joined us. He does cartoony comics but not really happy animals.

And well, Drew Baker and me had been sitting at the table all along and we don’t really do happy animals. I meantioned Drew in my Friends with Podcasts post.


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