New blogroll and inspiration

Some news

My blogroll was in dire need of an updating, so I did that this morning. Plenty of new sites for you to discover. This is post 108 (yeah I missed it when I reached 100) and I started this blog in June 2007. I think I hadn’t updated the blogroll in 2 or 3 years.

I’m also thinking of ditching L’Album and moving all my art posts here. I tried having L’Album as a collective place for a lot of people to post together and get some momentum, but it seems that while other artists posted a few times, I am the only one who stuck to it and I feel like I’d rather have more updates here than split up my efforts.

(edit: not just thinking, I copied my old Album posts to this blog, so everything is in the same place, the old Album posts are in french, but the important part is the images)

Careful, cuteness ahead

If you have never heard of Zooborns, head there right now (ok, finish this post first.)  Zooborns is one of my daily reads and a great source of inspiration to me. It’s a blog that collects pictures and news of baby animals born in zoos all over the world. Not only is it a great window into the conservation efforts of many organizations but it’s a very entertaining way to discover many weird and wonderful animals. I don’t think I would be drawing anteaters and aardvarks today if I didn’t discover their babies on Zooborn.

My Zooborn inspired Mutation Nation entry


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