Thinking outside the genre.

I am lucky enough that my day job allows me to listen to a lot of podcasts all day long. I’m also an avid reader of  blogs on a variety of subjects. And while a lot of my listening and my reading relates to art, not all of it does, far from it. I listen to a lot of science and business and history podcasts.

And sometimes I will find information that while not targeted directly at illustrators or fantasy artist, is quite useful to me. Let me introduce a few of these instructive resources.

Crafting an MBA ( is such a blog. It features longer posts and small tidbits and lists of resources from other sites. Such as this one about building a marketing calendar.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution ( opened a whole new world of lo-fi self-publishing to me. I didn’t know a single thing about zines until then.

I discovered these blogs and many more thanks to the Craftypod ( podcast (I admit to not really knowing the blog. Diane interviewed a lot of crafty entrepreneurs on there, and people who have blogs related to crafting. She sometimes sounds a bit too much like a hippy who makes pasta art, but some of the intereviews are great ( I especially like the Crafter entrepreneurs round ups) so it’s worth checking out even if the podcast is on hiatus, the old episodes are still on iTunes.

Regarding something that is completely different from crafting, I started listening to the Marketing Mentor ( podcast lately and they gave me great promotion ideas! I even listened today as they role played some cold calls. It doesn’t sound nearly as bad as I thought. They will try to sell some classes and books but head over to their Toolbox page for a link to their podcasts.

The How stuff works network ( has loads of different podcasts (about science, history, music, gender issues, my favorite) to keep your mind busy while you paint the day (or night) away. It is a great source of inspiration to me.

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