Fun day at the cemetery

I have been painting a lot lately, as I’m preparing to exhibit at Les Katacombes in June.  So I was in need of some new references and today was a perfect day for a shooting at Notre-Dame des Neiges cemetery. It was windy and there was still quite a bit of snow, but the good news was that I could walk on top of the hardened snow in most places.

Here are a few of the funniest monuments I was able to shoot.


An angel digging for gold, he didn't see us, I guess.

Jesus and Mary giving away bling with a pic of Elvis, oh, and Jesus is wearing a cross, how is that for disturbing...

Right out of the shower, still naked with a shower cap, sexy...

Uhoh, forgot my deo...

That's what Jesus would have looked like if he'd come back from the dead a few weeks later...

Holy family photo at Sears studio

Our only theory is that this is someone who died asphyxiated by a plastic bag (oh, and they don't have a butt crack!)

And there is no better way to end this than with a facepalm.



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