Graveyard Picnic – My show at Katacombes

In January,  I signed up for the postaweek2011 challenge on WordPress, it all went well until last week. Actually I’m surprised I was able to last this long. But I am having arm/wrist problems lately and I try to use my right hand as little as possible outside of work. But enough excuses, it was only a lapse of a few days.

I have good news. I’m having a show in June at Katacombes.  Les Katacombes is a coop show venue in Montreal (corner Ontario/St-Laurent) and the place is very pretty and dark at the same time. When I sent my art to the manager of programming, she commented that it was a good fit for their venue. I’m quite happy because it’s not easy to find a good place to exhibit paintings of graveyards.

The opening will be  June 1st from 7 to 9 PM. I’ll post again if I have more info.


My flyer for the show.



As a funny aside, my show is titled after the very first painting I did of a graveyard, which itself is titled after a Voltaire song. Voltaire will be playing at Katacombes in a few weeks, a few months to early too see the painting inspired by him.


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