Vampire club

March challenge at work was about illustrating our favorite song. Now, I don’t have a favorite song, there are way too many songs I like. But I’ve been wanting to make a Vampire Club video for a long time.

Voltaire – Vampire Club

I didn’t have time to make a whole video but I did some concepts. And I’m going to try and finish it during down times to practice my After Effect skills.

Voltaire singing in the Vampire Club

Bernie Weinstein (and he's in the 8th grade)

Missy (she lost a fang in the ladies' room)

Now, the funny thing is, some 5 years ago there was the first all girl art challenge on and the theme was to illustrate a song. I had chosen Voltaire’s Graveyard Picnic. I had taken many many reference pics at Notre-Dame des Neiges cemetery for the occasion and I liked painting gravestones so much that I did whole series of paintings of graveyards and statues. Now I’m preparing for a show of my graveyard paintingsat Katacombes in June. And Voltaire is playing at Katacombes next weekend. A bit too early to see the paintings, damnit!

But all that to say that sometimes strange coincidences happen.


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