Red Flowers

Here’s my latest Masonite painting. A little different from the others in that it has color, even if it’s just a wee bit of it. The monument I used as a reference really had red silk flowers on it, it was quite pretty.

12"x16" acrylics on Masonite

I find that I’m starting to have a good handle on that style of painting. One of the challenges being that even if I put medium without any pigments on the Masonite, it becomes darker, so I had so problems with mid-tones in the beginning. It’s also nearly impossible to lighten an area with the pale paint because it creates a very saturated light blue that’s nowhere else. It’s almost like watercolor in that respect, except I can’t lift the paint off once it’s dry. I have to be really fast with the wet rag if I do something wrong!

So I work with ultramarine blue mixed with medium and unbleached titanium mixed with medium, but never both colors mixed together. In this case I mixed a bit of unbleached titanium with the naphthol crimson (light red) as well as some alizarin crimson.

Close-up of the flowers

As usual, I varnished it only on the painted part, with matte varnish on the graphic design parts and gloss varnish on the rendered parts.


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