Artists are people too

Bob Anteater paints happy little artists...

Ok, that might sound like a silly title for a post. But really sometimes,  I can’t help but rant. When I hear that artists aren’t organized, or not logical, or unreliable. Or the old:” Yeah he’s always late/lost/dirty, but you know how it is, he’s an artist.”  Argh. That really drives me up the wall. No I don’t know how it is, I’m an artist and I’m not late, lost OR dirty (except when digging up the garden.)

Not all artists are the same! They all have different personality and like different things.

So in the name of not being a stereotype, I thought it might be nice to post non-art stuff every once in a while. So you can expect some random posts in addition to my normal postings of art and art or work related rants. And recipes, because I think I can qualify as a food geek now.

Ceci n'est pas un Anteater.


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