At the Graveyard Picnic

Me in the coffin tables section with the smaller paintings.

June 1st has come and gone and so has the opening of my show at Katacombes. I survived and so has my partner, Sylvain. It wasn’t always easy, as it was preceded by much stress, running around, ruining frames, finding new frames, finishing paintings and general mayhem.

The hanging went smoothly, the Katacombes have a very nice, if DIY, track system and we had brought plenty of hardware. Janick, the booking manager at Katacombes gave us a hand and it only took a bit  over an hour to install everything. Then we got to kick back and wait for our guests.

The trio of paintings patrons see when going up the front stairs.

It was only my second opening and my first solo opening (I have had art in shows where I wasn’t able to attend the opening) so everything was in my hands and it was nerve-wracking. Well I had a blast and I hope my guests enjoyed themselves.

I really appreciate hearing such diverse opinions about my art.  It always surprises me, how everyone’s favorite piece is a different one and how my art makes them feel. I feel really lucky to have had the occasion to hear  nice and thoughtful opinions about my art. I’m not sure why so many artists hate openings, I find it quite addictive.

Sylvain with Bloody Mary

The one thing that wasn’t a surprise was the latest and central piece of the show, Bloody Mary. I expected it to steal the show and it really did. I’m not sure how commercial it is (who wants that in their living room?) but it sure attracted attention. On the other hand I did make a sale. Weee!

All in all, it was a great learning experience, I got to do everything by myself (except buy the frames and hang the art) and I’m already thinking about what I will do differently next time. And what my next paintings are going to be.

The now empty wall of the studio

The show will be up at Katacombes until the end of July, you can get more info about the programming at Katacombes here (and they will soon have a very neat terrasse.)


For comments or questions you can contact me at chantal (at) chantalfournier (dot) com.

I’d also like to remind you guys of my mailing list . I promise that I’m not going to use this list to spam you about trivial stuff all the time. I have an option to sign up as an art director, a collector or just a curious person, I’m going to use that knowledge of my audience to tailor my mailings. I’m not going to give, sell or lease this list. Please sign up, you might even learn something!
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