Preparing for IMC 2011

Now that the opening is out of the way, I have been able to concentrate on preparing for the IMC (Illustration Master Class.) Last year,  the IMC was right in the middle of my moving back to Montreal, and less than a month after I started my new job at EA. We were living in temporary quarters, our furniture was in storage, I had only got the assignments a few days before leaving, it was nuts. I was thinking it would be easier this year since we aren’t moving. But then, I decided June 1st was a good day for an opening!

The good thing is this year I know what to expect, and I know what to bring. So I’m working away on my assignment and not stressing out too much. I know how long it will take to drive there and I know the way.

The bad thing is I was so busy with the opening that I let the garden go wild a little. There are loads of weeds and I’m afraid the cucumber is dead. Everything else seems to be doing fine however (especially the weeds) I even have a pepper as big as my thumb! Now I need to get it in shape so it will survive my being away for a whole week.

So you can expect a lot of IMC spamming in the coming weeks as I get there and bring back awesomeness and knowledge and most probably, an unfinished piece to work on.


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