IMC 2011 day 6

This is going to be the last super intensive day of work, tomorow is cleaning up, more lectures, and celebration. Some people are starting to feel the strain of sleep deprivation.

Yesterday, we had lectures by Adam Rex and Jeff Mack who are both charming, funny, and children books writers and illustrators. Later we also had a lecture with Boris and Julie about flair and punch and making your paintings epic.

Here’s my progress so far.

How it looked like on day 5, past midnight.

Progress shot.

And here are busy bees in the digital room, last night at about 12:30.

And my modest work station. THe digital room tends to be pretty dark.



  1. Yen

    Boris and Julie, in person? Giving you tips and comments? What event is this? Where did you hear about it? (sorry for the question bombardment…)

    • Qitsune

      Yen, yes in person. They are part of the core faculty at the IMC and have been there every year since the begining. The IMC is this and it’s in June every year. I know they also are at Illuxcon every year and you can look at their originals, watch them paint and chat with them there. There possibly at other cons, you would have to check with them.

      The good thing about IMC is that it’s small enough that the instructors see the progress of your piece and can help and give you pointers. You should check the whole roster of instructors.

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