Some neat links – Food and art!

I have been resting a lot from the IMC lately (even if I still do work on my piece at night) so I don’t have much stuff of my own to show off.

I have, however, some neat links to share.

I found this podcast with an interview with Iain McCaig on Australian radio.

I discover new hobbies (like I need new hobbies!) and go nuts with them in a cyclical fashion. My latest craze is cooking, and especially, baking. Here are my drugs of choice.

Serious Eats, I found them because of their food lab features. They also have great recipes, but I love food science so this scratches my hitch.

WTF (What’s this food) is a daily vidcast about foodstuff we don’t (usually) know yet. Everyday, Daniel Delaney picks up some unusual food item, explains where it comes from and what you can do with it.

And here’s the bread recipe I’ve been baking every time I have the chance, I do the country version. It’s pretty dense and I don’t help it much because I sometimes go a little crazy with the multigrain part. It’s super easy and lazy too, no kneading!


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