I have friends who wrote about the IMC

If you haven’t been to the Illustration Master Class, by now, you must be sick as heck to hear about it. Well, I’m not tired to hear about it because I was there! So in case you still want to hear about it, either because you were there, you wanted to be there, or you are wondering what the heck it was all about, here are some links.

Fayerweather Hall, where the studios were.


James Gurney was an instructor for the entire 2010 IMC, but he was only there for a day and a half this year, here is what he had to say about it:

Donato Giancola is a regular member of the faculty. Last year he was working on a piece about St-George and the dragon during studio time. This year, it’s a piece with Frodo being tortured, from Lord of the Rings(posted on Muddy Colors.)

Adam Rex, author of the fantastic books “Frankenstein makes a sandwich” and “Frankenstein takes the cake” also has something to say about the IMC. Adam was another of the guest faculty for 2011, we truly were spoiled!

Scott Allie, comic book writter, editor, guest faculty and all around great guy had this to say.


It was monster guy Chris Burdett’s first year at IMC but that didn’t stop him from writing about 13 posts about it, here is the first one, you can just click next to get the whole series.

Annalisa was tackling a scene from the Hobbit, featuring Smaug .Part 1 and  Part 2

Doug hope took some notes, they can be useful for everyone!

Not students

Finally, if you could not make it, despair not, Jesper Ejsing from Muddy Colors tells us what in did in lieu of a trip to the IMC.

Tooting my own horn

And to finish, a selection of my own posts. Day 6 (you can see the progress on my piece and some pictures) and Day 7 (the piece as it was at the end  and more pictures.) I am still working on that illustration, I will keep you guys posted.

If you have also written about the IMC and you would like me to add a link to your blog, please send me your link at chantal (at) chantalfournier.com


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