Discovering Rome close to home

This is one of those years when the summer holidays (June 24th and July 1st) fall on a Friday, which means 3 day weekends! In Quebec, most people who move, move on July 1st or just before, so it’s mostly a moving holiday.

Well, not for us! We already moved last year and I want to stay put for a bit longer. Consequently,  we headed to Quebec City to see our friends and visit one of our favorite museums: Musée de la civilisation. In the past we have seen stellar exhibits there, like one on Russia called God, the Tsar and the revolution, one on Egypt and one about South and Central  American mummies and  treasures titled Gold in the Americas. This time, the main exhibition is called, straightforwardly enough, ROME. From the Origins to Italy’s Capital.

Happy campers, going to the Museum.

The exhibition was vast and covered over two thousand years of history. From an astonishing antique mosaic of an athlete taken from a therm to baroque furnitures, from pieces of plumbing of ancient aqueducts to 19th century paintings, visitors can trace Rome’s ups and downs through history. I was able to see a small original Raphael painting and some sketches by Michelangelo. I confess my disappointment with the Raphael. It was not anywhere close to what I was hoping. On the other hand, I saw plenty of amazing paintings by artists whose names I had never seen before and my favorite of the whole show had to be a plainting of a carnival in Rome by Franz Theodor Aerni, a german painter. You can see it here, thanks to Wikipedia.

We also got to see an exhibition called God(s), A User’s Guide about religions across the world and see super cute Dias de los muertos crafts and scary Hindoo statues. The other one we saw was  Hungry Planet where you could see pictures of families along with the food they will eat in a week. It made me feel very privileged to see what families in other countries have to last them a week.

The Museum’s description of the Rome exhibition.


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