Visiting the graveyard and meeting Brownies

Since I paint funerary monuments, I often go on treks for find graveyards and take pictures in there  as reference for future paintings. I have pictures from graveyards in many places, but strangely enough, until yesterday, I had no pictures from the graveyards back home. I grew up in Roxton Pond, Québec which is right next to Granby. I went to high school in Granby and I usually refer to it as my hometown.

There are two major graveyards in Granby, one that’s very old and split in two (English side and French side) and we started out there. It was blazing hot and very sunny. There aren’t many statues there. Actually, there was a complete one and the feet of another. That didn’t mean we didn’t discover very interesting monuments and some creepy set ups.

Like this, I love it. This was on the French side.

Pretty creepy flowers, and a frame, with a tiny yellowed picture in the lower left corner.

This monument was surrounded by plastic flowers in vases or pots that had fallen over and a had a weird plastic bag hanging from a pole with dead weeds in it.

Even the flowers look dead.

Even the flowers look dead.

More plastic flowers laying in the lawn.

And now on the english side. Much less creepiness, but just as interesting, if not more.

There was this monument shaped like propeller parts.

It’s the monument of a WWI pilot.

And then Sylvain pointed out the monument to Palmer Cox, an illustrator and writer of children’s books in the late 19th century. He’s the creator of the Brownies, a bunch of small impish characters, and there was a camera named after them and loads of merch based on them.

Next, Sylvain found this stone, which I think is the oldest in the graveyard. Mary Mason was born in 1790. The tree that’s growing on her tomb is so big, the two of us couldn’t surround it with our arms (but I have short arms.)

And finally, I found this, I think it’s the home of the Brownies.

And that’s just the first place we went to. Next time I’ll talk about the other graveyard.


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