Visiting the most pedestrian graveyard ever.

In a previous post, I related my visit to both major cemetaries in my hometown of Granby. The first one was very old and had interesting tombs but very few statues. The second one was super mundane and overall, it looked like a repetitive suburb. Seriously, in some sections, all the markers had the same shape, same thickness, they were evenly spaced  and the only variation was color.  Thankfully, there was more variation in other  areas so I was able to take useful pictures of monuments.

I spent all day taking pics with a messed up white balance, but in the end, I’m pretty happy because I never thought I’d get a pic like this:

The sky opening to swallow us all.

What you don’t know is to the right behind the crypts, there is a zoo.

I’m not kidding about the zoo, the rides are only a couple hundred feet behind the crypt. All the time we were there we could hear the chain clinking sound of a roller coaster and people screaming. IF you stand next to the crypts you can even see some rides over the hedge. The animals and Amazoo (waterpark) are a bit further away from the cemetary.

I'm not sure why, but this lady makes me think of some asian courtesan.

I don't know where this one is from, but it's only wearing some kind of towel.

Hands bound with wire and decapitated, that's not creepy at all.

Resin fairies! That's different.

Who knew Jesus had such small arms!

I was lucky and managed to catch several shots or ravens hanging around.

And that’s all for my visit to Granby, but I can’t wait to find new graveyards to visit.


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