A shirt to be proud of.

Past Sunday, August 14th, was the Pride parade in Montreal. CFI Montreal  (Center for inquiry) was part of the parade and they asked me to design the t-shirts they would wear for the occasion. So I had to be there to see my creation being paraded by members.

Here is the shirt:

I also took some pics of the more entertaining contingents in the parade, here is a small selection:

The theme of the parade was the future. Well, there's going to be loads of shiny underwear in the future apparently.

Rainbow spendex guys on elliptic bikes.

Banjo canoe rollerblading guy. I'm not sure that's the future.

A trojan on a firetruck, of course.

More shiny panty-shots.

And in the future, we will have flying saucers and pompom antennas.


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