Wait, You’re looking for what?!?

Almost every day, I check out the stats on this blog. It helps me find out if someone had written about me or linked to it, I can see what posts are popular, and I can see what terms people have searched to end up here. Sometimes I can’t figure out at all why a search engine would decide that these words are in any way related to my blog. I mean, “hot girls big boobs color in” what does this have to do with anything? I don’t even draw cheesecake.

I thought you guys might find it funny too.

  • elvis day fun
  • fat girls get hot guys
  • otters vs sloths
  • hot girls big boobs color in
  • dora the explorer art
  • best ass
  • “anteaters go!”
  • katchoo francine you can’t always be happy
  • muscular girls with big breasts
  • little chantel multiply
  • big ears bushy hair
  • big boobshot
  • nananananananna nananananna
  • cheapskate
  • here she come she’s an anteater
  • mes bobettes
  • baby born drawing
  • iain mccaig on drugs
  • strong big bob

By the way, there are many many more search term, and most of it makes sense. I’m just posting the “WTF?!?!” stuff. Seriously, Iain McCaig on drugs?


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