Le Fantôme de la Liberté, Work in progress

Here are some progress shots of my new paintings I’m calling le Fantôme de la Liberté, after a Luis Bunuel movie. That statue is on the back of the Edward VII monument (the same monument from the painting of Edward VII wearing a seagull on his head) and according to wikipedia, it represents the winged genie of freedom, showing royalty breaking away from religious persecution.

The dark mandala like pattern is actually clear glossy varnished sprayed on the unprimed massonite using a stencil I got in a craft store. I stole that idea from the always awesome Scott M Fischer who has been doing fantastically textured work lately. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s on his website quite yet.

And Sylvain took some pictures of me working tonite.

With my awesome cow spot apron!



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