An announcement about Con*cept 2011

I have a cool announcement to make. Not only will I take part in the Con*cept art show, I will be giving a digital painting presentation. Con*Cept is Montreal’s only fan run annual science-fiction and fantasy convention. It will be my first time there.

I will have some original paintings, some prints from my digital work and some sketch cards for sale.

My panel will be Saturday night at 23:00 and I will go through the steps of a typical rpg assignment. If you are going to Con*cept, make sure to stop by!


For comments or questions you can contact me at chantal (at) chantalfournier (dot) com.

I’d also like to remind you guys of my mailing list . I promise that I’m not going to use this list to spam you about trivial stuff all the time. I have an option to sign up as an art director, a collector or just a curious person, I’m going to use that knowledge of my audience to tailor my mailings. I’m not going to give, sell or lease this list. Please sign up, you might even learn something!
Sign-up page


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