Illuxcon 4 is over, long live Illuxcon!

I’m just back from my second trip to Altoona. When I first crossed the border, the agent asked me where I was going, and when I told him his bewilderment was obvious. I had to explain that I was going to an illustration convention. His answer:”Illustration? Like, cartooning?” I debated trying to explain the difference but decided against it and he just waved me through. Yes, it takes a pretty good reason to make the 11 hours drive from Montreal to Altoona, but Illuxcon is all the reason I need.

Last year I did a series of posts on Illuxcon, but this year I’m too lazy. I have to say that I sat on amazing lectures.  Jane Frank gave one of her usual very informative business lectures, Robh Ruppel, Jon Schindehette, Zoë Robinson and Lauren Panepinto, I learn how art is prepared for a museum exhibit with Rachel Klees Anderson and many other panels and lectures. I was also in the Showcase for the very first time. It was a very good experience, I got to give away a lot of small prints I had made for the occasion and to get a lot of (good) feedback on my work. I was polling my visitors on which of my styles they liked the best. It turns out that the opinions are very evenly divided, but people who like my traditional work have a more emotional response to it that the people who liked my photoshop pieces better.It seems it just can’t be clear cut, decisions decision!

I brought Le Fantôme de la liberté with me, it got great responses.

My table

Artists setting up in the showcase

Since I’m too lazy to type a more complete repport, I’m leaving you with Chris Burdett’s posts.

Day one  |  Day two Day three  |  Day Four


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