The Mighty Mugg challenge! (part 1)

A few weeks ago, Jon Schindehette posted on Facebook that he had a bunch of blank Mighty Muggs and that he was willing to ship them to artists, provided they transformed the blank plastic toys into D&D characters. Well it seems I replied to Jon’s offer in time, because on December 30th, I got a bag in the mail containing bits and bobs of pale grey plastic that can be assembled in the shape of a squat large headed figure.

Now I want to figure out what to do with it. Do I want to go old school with 2nd ed. type characters from my days playing (but mostly DM’ing) AD&D or do I want to go more contemporary and look at the new races and hipper designs.

Perfect Match? I think not.

My boyfriend Sylvain suggested I do the character I was playing until recently, a female dragonborn warlord, but the dragonborn anatomy is not very well adapted to the shape of a Mighty Mugg and it’s my first figure so I want to do it relatively simple, no Sculpey attachment or reshaping of the molded parts. Elves are not a good match either, Mighty Muggs don’t look lean or graceful, so doing the elf warrior I painted for the Dongeon Delve challenge doesn’t seem like a good idea. That means that Drizz’t Do’Urden, the most iconic D&D character ever isn’t that good a match either.

A terrible scan I found on the internet of my favorite Strahd illo of all time.

And then it striked me; Strahd Von Zarovich is both one of my favorite D&D villains, and the old school Clyde Caldwell renderings of him were some of the most influencial illustrations for me. Along with the Dark Sun Brom’s, they are some of the paintings that made me want to paint fantasy. So I want to do a classic blue skinned dignified Strahd in his billowing cape. Let’s see how that works out (especially the dignified squat bobblehead part.)

More info:

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Jon Schindehette (Senior Creative Director at Wizards of the Coast) and his blog Art Order
Dongeon Delve challenge on the Art Order.

Mighty Muggs on the Hasbro store. Exemples of custom Mighty Muggs on Flickr.



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