I finished my first commission of 2012 this weekend (to be honest, I started it back in December) for Reclamation, a post apocalyptic game by Chris Griesinger. I talked about the game back in November when I posted about What happens when art is commissioned.

To keep up with the progress shots, here are some of the thumbs I sent Chris.

First set of thumbs, where I propose some layout ideas for a vignetted character.

This illustration goes with a very disturbing and sad story and it’s not clear until the end who is the bad guy and who is the good guy (or girl…) and so I wanted to keep the illustration neutral so you would get the point that it’s sad, but you wouldn’t know the end of the story even before reading it.

Second set of thumbs with more refined poses.

Vanessa, the main character is a normal person in a bad situation and I want readers to have some sympathy for her. She has a knife but it’s not clear what she intends to do with it. Suspense suspense.

Finished illustration of Vanessa...


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