The Mighty Mugg challenge! (part 3)

I’m finished with my Strahd Von Zarovich Mighty Mugg project! And the final post of my Mighty Mugg series happens to be my 250 posts!Great timing. For the whole story, you can check the two previous posts here: The Mighty Mugg Challenge part 1 and here The Mighty Mugg Challenge part 2.

Strahd, assembled and dapper

I also found the “original Strahd” while cleaning up the studio so I had to take a group photo. You see, I started playing AD&D when I was in college and I was really into it, I read a lot of the novels and I really liked the concept of Ravenloft and all gothy things. This is also around the same time Interview with a vampire and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein came out. When I was in third year of college I was in a paragliding accident and broke one of my vertebrae and other less serious injuries and spent a week in the hospital. It was shortly before Halloween and I go flowers with a tiny vampire finger puppet in it which I immediately called Strahd. It has been consistently sticking around my computer or my work desk since. So in a way he’s part of the inspiration for this Strahd Mugg.

Mini Strahd and Mighty Strahd

The next step was to give Strahd his signature cloak. I studied fashion design in college so I  had a fairly good idea of how I wanted to proceed even if I needed a little refresher for the math. The pattern is really just two truncated cones with the same slope. I dug in my fabric bins and I pulled out everything I needed: stiff raw cotton for the toile (the proof of concept for the pattern,) some black satin left over my a past Halloween costume and red satin kasha for the lining. So his cloak is really lined with warm winter lining.

I cut and assembled the pattern in raw cotton  and tried it on the figure.

Strahd the eco-conscious vampire wearing a recycled raw cotton cloak and hanging out with sharp objects. Yes these scissors are gigantic mofos.

And then I cut and assembled the real thing.

Cutting the kasha lining

Final Strahd

Final Strahd

And here’s the final Strahd, as close to Clyde Caldwell’s original as I could make it.

If you enjoyed this post, I’m also planning a complete Mighty Mugg how-to for Jon’s ArtOrder blog.



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