Things to see in Toronto.

We are just back from a little trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the long Easter weekend. It was far too short, but we still managed to see a lot of very cool stuff! We went to the CN Tower but I didn’t take my camera, the windows were quite dirty anyways so I’m not sure the pics would have been that good. It’s still very impressive, especially the glass floor. The pics on Google Image for CN Tower are much better than anything I could have taken or you can see a few on the Tower’s website(Media Center-> Galleries-> Photo gallery.)

Saturday morning we headed to the Royal Ontario Museum very early, way before it opened actually.

The bike racks in front of the ROM are the coolest I've seen.

We took a walk around the museum because there’s a very pretty park behind it, I think it’s part of the University of Toronto campus.

A walk behind the ROM.

Dragon lamp posts.


While waiting outside for the ticket office to open, we noticed a window washer doing his job.

Don't they usually use a platform or something?

We visited the Maya exhibition which was closing right after that weekend. It was huge but not very interactive or child oriented. One of the things I will remember is that some children were trained from a young age to squint to look like the Sun God. Apparently the Sun God suffers from strabismus convergent and has a single shark tooth, a sure way to be popular with the ladies.

We were not allowed to take pictures in the Maya exhibition but the rest of the museum was fair game. We saw some really cool pieces of artwork in the Canadian Collection. It did not entirely make up for not having time to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario, but I discovered some artists that I had never heard of before.

Haunting painting by Rex Woods

One of these artists is Rex Woods. There are many of his paintings occupying their own little section of the exhibition. Woods was skilled, and it seems he was called upon to mimic the styles of many popular american artists.

Woods channeling Leyendecker.

Many other Woods Illos

One other artist was Arthur Heming, who wrote and illustrated stories about northern wilderness.

4 of Hemings's simple and elegant compositions.

And what about this fantastic James Wolfe by Nathaniel Hone the Elder. The original is 10 times better by the way, it looks so lively.

Major General James P. Wolfe of the 7 Years Way fame.

A portrait by Theophile Hamel.

John Ewart by Theophile Hamel

Thomas Sully was another fantastic painter I discovered, but unfortunately, all of the paintings of him I photographed ended up blurry.

I will spare you the dozens of dinosaur skeleton pictures I took, you really have to see for yourself!


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