IMC 2012 Day 1

Here we are, it’s day 2 of the IMC and there’s only 3 of us in the digital room at 8:11 AM. Yesterday was very very full like first days of IMC always are. We had crits all day with the different faculties and these were conveniently scheduled in small batches. We also had a Iain McCaig bootcamp where he talked about balance and about creating monsters and crazy stuff. Iain is always excited and motivating and his enthusiasm is contagious.

So my drawing was a slightly more elaborate version of this.

And the concept is basically: Lady Godiva against the zombies. As weird as it may seem, I’ve been wanting to do that piece, for a long time but my original concept was too ambitious (with Coventry and it’s cathedral in the background.) This is my revised version, after critiques by Boris Vallejo, Scott Fischer, Doug Alexander and some feedback  from Irene Gallo.

I’ll keep posting my progress all week, stay tuned!


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