IMC 2012 – day 5

Yesterday was hard, I was ready to toss everything out and start over. Somehow I forced myself to leave the main character alone and work on the zombies and the flames and I am back to feeling good about my piece. I also think I’m behind compared to last year even though there was much more going on last year (both more lectures and more going on in my piece.) Still, zombies are fun and today I’m tackling the horse! I’m also fairly happy with how the flames came out. It’s not the final render, I just threw a gradient on top of my shape, but it gives a good idea of what I’m going for. We also had lectures by Boris, Julie, Rebecca, Scott, Doug and Greg. Yep, all in one day.

I finally used my camera for something other than taking reference pictures.

This is the spot where I work with my buddy Christine.

The view from my spot.

And the whiteboard at the dorm.

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