IMC 2012 – Day 6!!!! The light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday morning, my piece looked like a mess and I was ready to dump it and start over. I’m glad I stuck with it because it really came together, thanks to hard work and great advice from our amazing teachers.

Godiva and the zombies.

I don’t think I ever explained what the idea behind this piece is. It has been a LONG time in the making. Before IMC 2011, a bunch of us on the IMC forums wanted to do an in-between IMC’s assignment and I wanted to do Lady Godiva.  I thought a lot about the concept and decided that instead of Godiva riding across medieval Coventry naked to stop her husband from raising the townspeople taxes, she’d ride across medieval Coventry naked to stop her husband from raising the townspeople. The original concept was very ambitious, showing some of the architecture and the old church (before both cathedrals.) I didn’t do the piece before the IMC but at the end of last years IMC I did some thumbnails and bounced some ideas with some of the faculty. The thing is it was so ambitious that I didn’t get around to doing it and I was feeling bad about it, and I wasn’t too crazy about my Tristan and Isolde thumbs. I was packing my stuff just before leaving and I found my thumbs from last year and I decided to do that instead of one of the assignments. I’m pretty glad I did, it fits pretty well in my portfolio and it was a crazy challenge!

So it’s still far from finished, the stirrups haven’t been rendered at all, the big zombies are too bright and clean, her face is a little too bland, but I think I have all I need to finish it up fairly soon. I also got great advice regarding my portfolio, so I’m pumped!

That’s what the traditional studios look like, rows upon rows of art.

And here are some of my models….

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