Art Books, I has them

Recently, Gurney Journey and Muddy Colors had features on art books and a lot of people seem to be curious about art book collections. I’m in the process of packing to move and I thought I could take a few pictures of my art books since they were all in the same place for once. I don’t have a very big collection, but I’m aiming for voluntary simplicity in books. I also suspect I move way more often than the people with the book hoarding thing going on.

Mah books

Mah books

Often when I see pictures of bookshelves I end up thinking to myself:”Well, cool. but I can’t make out what all these books are at that scale.” So I thought I would list the looks, or at least, most of them. I think it’s going to motivate me to write all the book reviews I’ve wanted to write, and crosslink them to the picture. Some of them are not exactly art books, they are reference books, picture books or books by artist friends.


  • The GAG Pricing and Ethical Guidelines
  • Book of the Five Rings, got neat prints of samurai.
  • Dover Victorian Design
  • Peck – Atlas of Human anatomy for the artist
  • Molly Bang – Picture This
  • Steve Prescott- Aggregate
  • Textbooks from my costume history classes.
  • WotC- The art of the Rath cycle.
  • The making of Alien Resurrection
  • Will Eisner- Graphic storytelling and visual narrative
  • L’harmonie des couleurs sur le web (basically tons of palette samples for website, useful for quick and dirty graphic design jobs or to get a client to pick something)
  • Ken Hultgren – L’art de dessiner les animaux.
  • PML- René Lalique
  • The Spiderwick field guide
  • De Fontenoy à Waterloo (book on european military uniforms in the 1800’s)
  • Uniformes Militaires. Book on various military uniforms I picked up in a bazaar.
  • Donato Giancola’s Middle Earth book
  • Juliette Aristides – Classical Drawing Atelier
  • Peck- In the Studios of Paris, William Bouguereau and his American students.
  • Loomis-  Figure Drawing for all it’s worth.


  • Alex Wreck- Stolen Sharpie Revolution
  • DiTerlizzi and Black -The first volume of Spiderwick
  • Strunk & White- The Elements of Style (not an art book, but I think everyone who needs to communicate in writing needs to read it)
  • Art & Fear
  • Tim Burton’s Oyster Boy book
  • The Art of War
  • Speedball calligraphy handbook
  • Perspective made easy
  • Speed- The practice and Science of Drawing
  • How to survive and prosper as an artist (already wrote about that one ha!)
  • Le Ramat de la typography, like Strunk & White but in French and pretentious
  • Bridgeman boxed set
  • Bridgeman constructive anatomy
  • The New drawing on the right side of the brain
  • L’anatomie humaine (this is not so much as anatomy book as it is a compendium of antique engravings of anatomy, artists used to display the human body in very weird ways.
  • Pat Manocchia -Musculation (shows what muscle groups we use during each movement, it’s a body building book, not an art book)
  • Matthew Meyer – The Night Parade of one Thousand Demons. Book about Japanese monsters.
  • Alan McKenzie – How to Draw and Sell Comic strips. I got that book when I was about 12 and I LOVED it.
  • L’Univers des araignées (tons of spider pictures)
  • Jonny Duddle-Le Croque Pirate
  • Lottie Paris Lives Here illustrated by Scott Fischer.


  • Bammes – Complete guide to Life Drawing (awesome)
  • Some Walter Foster and Disney books
  • PML – Spiders and Cabriolets & Fer Forgé
  • Grand Cours D’anatomie artistique
  • Star Wars Episode 1 Ships and vehicles concept art
  • The Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Those 3 giants binders at Famous Artist course books.


  • The art of Exalted (meh)
  • Thierry Labrosse – Ab Irato #1
  • James Gurney – Journey to Chandara
  • Norman Rockwell – My Adventures as an illustrator
  • James Gurney –  Color and Light
  • James Gurney – Imaginative realism
  • Wynn -Altered Curiosity (that’s a very weird craft book)
  • Encyclopedie de la Mythologie
  • Spectrum 16 (I know I know, I have only 1 Spectrum)
  • The art of the Dragon
  • Petar Meseldžija – The Legend of Steel Bashaw
  • Once Upon a time Walt Disney – This is the book of the Disney Exhibition at Musée des Beaux-Arts in Montreal. It’s full of concept art and influences for early Disney movies.
  • The Art of Daren Bader
  • Magritte book of the exhibition at Musée des Beaux-Arts in Montreal.


  • White – The Animator’s workshop (a classic)
  • a bunch of PML books, PML books are super cheap books filled with images that I used to find at bargain bookstores.
  • Dover’s  World of enchantment: The Art of Maxfield Parish
  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Some art magazines.

Missing: Giant pile of early Realm of Fantasy that are already in boxes.


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